CO-OWNERSHIP PLAN (Diversification)

Diversify in Limited Edition Gold Coins through Co-Ownership Plan

INVESTGOLD’S Co-Ownership Plan offers an accessible solution for those who have the desire to own gold coins but who either lack the financial means to do so and/or really would like to diversify in such a way to own a vast variety of gold coins. It offers multiple parties a realistic and affordable way to expand their portfolios by pooling their resources and sharing the cost of an otherwise unaffordable asset, while still enjoying the benefits of the growing coin industry. Co-Ownership is a legal concept where two or more co-owners share the legal ownership of a gold coin.
Advantages of Co-Ownership

• Complete diversification in Limited Edition Gold Coins.


• You can now own portions in a vast variety of gold coins by spending only a limited amount of money on each coin.​

• For example R30 000 will allow you to purchase only one (1) or two (2) good 
gold coins, but with INVESTGOLD's Co-Ownership Plan you will be  

   able to purchase portions in up to 30 different gold coins with the same amount of money.

• The risk of owning only one (1) gold coin and having the chance that the
demand in such a coin can fall due to popularity of other coins or a

   sudden oversupply on the market of such coins is being eliminated completely as there would always be a good buyback on at least some of the

   portions of one's diversified portfolio when owning  a vast variety of different gold coins.​

• Should you require capital you have the option of choosing to sell the good 
performing portions first and do not need to sell one's only expensive

   coin that might not be doing so well at that moment.




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